Ammonia Free

INOA (Innovation No Ammonia) from L’Oreal Professionnel creates soft, beautiful color and does so by breaking the most rigid rule of conventional color – removing ammonia. The result is unprecedented comfort in application, zero odor, supreme respect for the hair and infinite hair color power.




DIA Light is L’Oreal’s first acidic semi-permanent color. The acid chemistry creates glossy, luminous reflective shine while respecting the condition of the hair and providing natural-looking color that gradually fades away. It’s great ammonia free technology for enhancing your natural color or adding vibrancy to your permanent color services.



DIA Richesse illuminates natural hair color with an ammonia free and tone-on-tone coloration process. A perfect option for those new to hair color providing rich, deep reflective color with an exceptionally soft feel. It’s also ideal to blend away your first grey hairs leaving a natural look.